Coming up Next -The Arts of Seduction By Seema Anand: Join us for a fun evening to discover the lost message of Kamasutra  

 12th February 2019 : An exciting and fun Ladies Night 

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In The Arts of Seduction Seema writes about techniques of love chosen from the wealth of variations and ideas for seduction that the Kama Sutra has to offer. Hear her first hand on the innovative codes for love messages, the effects of applying perfume to different parts of the body, describing the many different types of kissing, where and how to massage your lover’s feet or what kind of jewellery to wear during lovemaking—there’s something for everyone here.


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We are always raising funds to support the children for our schools. As an example, our slum school in Jaipur Santosh Nagar School in Jaipur started out in 2015 with 70 children and a result of the ongoing success of the school, increasing number of families have enrolled their children and it has now grown by nearly 6 times and has successfully enrolled 400 children in a short span of 3 years and so more funding is required accommodate the increase.

How much is needed

Each school we support provides uniform, books, qualified teachers, support staff, meals, clean drinking water and some also provide accommodation. For every child an estimated £200 is needed a year to provide them with a good quality of education. Vidyapath has committed to raising these funds. We raised £5,000 in our first year and target to double that amount this year to £10,000.Your donation will be life changing for these children – opening a world of opportunities and giving them a chance of making a good life.

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