Our Vision

The cultural legacy of the subcontinent is impressive and profound. From Carnatic to Sufi music, miniature paintings to the carvings of the temples of Ajanta and the elegant literary tradition told through dozens of languages. Vidyapath is a chartiable organisation dedicated to recounting this legacy.

Our mission is to build an established platform to promote South Asian art and its proponents in the United Kingdom for the benefit of a collection of small and medium charities in India. We hope to draw together a dedicated community of cultural enthusiasts through a series of curated events.

Meet the Team

Vidyapath is founded by two experienced women with deep roots within the Indian art community. They are supported by a team of City consultants.

Pooja Maru


Pooja is a partner at a boutique management consultancy in London, working specifically with the Indian market.

Shivani Sethia


Shivani is a professional kathak dancer and has participated in performances in the UK, India and the United States.

Aishwarya Gupta

Team Member

Aishwarya is a management consultant at EY specialised in the technology, media and telecommunications sector.

Ruchir Dalmia

Team Coordinator

Ruchir is a blockchain consultant at Deloitte.

Raghav Sharma

Team Coordinator

Raghav is a technology architecture consultant specialised in the technology, media and telecommunications sector.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in joining our team or supporting our events, get in touch.

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