We aim to support a range of excellent charities through our projects and events in the UK. Find out how to donate to our charities here.

Brahma Savitri Pushkar


Brahma Savitri is a Vedic school trust in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The school accommodates over 50 children and hopes to expand its access to more. Children as young as 12 are taught Vedic sciences, Sanskrit literature and philosophy and have access to vocational training to become Hindu religious scholars.

Umang India


Umang is an institution dedicated to making a positive change in the lives of people with disabilities. It provides a support network to help develop career skills and an inclusive society. It boasts an impressive team of teachers, physiotherapists, speech experts, surgeons, therapists, psychologists and vocational trainers.

The charity also reaches out to communities in remote areas to help those with disabilities and build local awareness.


Jagriti is a charity committed to improving the standard of education in Jaipur. With considerable success, the organisation focuses on providing support to a network of ‘adopted’ government schools, delivering staff training and strengthening teaching techniques. Support extends beyond basic education, with an aim of providing a more holistic environment for underprivileged children. Schools are renovated and local communities are engaged to provide a more supportive environment for the schools and their activities. Jagriti continues to expand the number of schools under its programme and Vidyapath hopes to support it in its mission to fundamentally change the quality of education in Jaipur.